Orca Labs Nitra Guard Bio-Cubes Titanium 500 ML

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Nitra-Guard BIO-Cubes Titanium is the world’s first and only carbohydrate based nitrate remover that is totally resistant to the limiting effects of Redfield’s Ratio. Standard carbohydrate based nitrate removers must have some phosphates in order to work. This poses a real problem for customers who require the use of Phosphate removers to lower the PO4 levels inside the system. Once the PO4 levels have dropped to 0ppm, the carbon based media stops working. This has been a problem for aquarists who wish to run PO4 removal media and lower nitrates at the same time. Unlike all other competing carbohydrate based nitrate remover brands, Nitra-Guard Titanium is the only media in the world that is able to remove nitrates when there is no PO4 present in the system. BIO-Cubes Titanium is made from 100% biologically degradable polymers that effectively remove both nitrates and phosphates from both marine and freshwater systems.

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