Dophin Wave Maker 3000

Sale priceR 279.50


The Dophin 3000 is a high quality, economical, durable aquarium wave maker rated for a maximum flow rate of 5000 L/H. It is suitable for both marine and freshwater systems. 

  • The unit is compact and easy to install utilizing a three sucker attachment system
  • Efficient, complete water motion is created in the aquarium due to the wide angled output nozzle which spreads the flow of water evenly
  • The ball and socket type swivel system used to attach the pump head to the attachment mounting enables the water flow to be directed in virtually any direction on a 180 degree plain ensuring perfect and easy directional water flow control.
  • suitable for aquariums with water volumes of 300 to 500 liters 
  • The silent motor consumes only 6 W of power at 220 - 240 V

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