Boyu Tl-550 Aquarium Set

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The Boyu TL-550 is an advanced, completely self contained marine system that includes all the equipment required to set-up and maintain a stunning, successful nano reef / marine aquarium. It is perfect for both the experienced reef keeper and, especially, for those just starting out. The filtration area is completely hidden behind a black perspex divide at the back of the tank which, is divided into separate chambers holding the filtration media and, equipment such as the protein skimmer, heater, UV Sterilizer and return pump, all of which are included. The canopy, in which the lighting units, control switches and cooling fans are mounted, is designed to slide down the back of the tank to facilitate unhindered, easy cleaning and maintenance of the tank itself and the filtration area. The unit includes an attractive, modern, double door pedestal type cabinet. 
  • Tank size: 128 liters (510mm x 570mm x 670mm)
  • The aquarium canopy includes 2 x 24w T5 10000K PL Lighting with each bulb having two tubes comprising of a white and blue light for coral and marine fish, along with 2 x power saving moonlight LED's with the accompanying cooling fans
  • The filtration media consisting of a filter sponge, filter bag, bio-balls, activated carbon and ceramic rings along with a 100w heater, all of which are included
  • The powerful uplift pump utilized to return the water from the filter system to the tank, is fitted with an in-line 5w UV sterilizer unit
  • The protein skimmer is perfect for the volume of the aquarium, being rated for aquariums of up to 200 liters whilst using only 8w of power
  • Comes complete with a modern, visually pleasing, double door pedestal type cabinet

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