Aquael Glossy 100 Black Aquarium

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Aquael Glossy

The line of exclusive GLOSSY aquarium sets for setting up elegant freshwater aquariums adapted to the colors of modern interiors. GLOSSY sets consist of a specially elevated tank in the interior of which, in the upper part, a cover with lighting is glued. Thanks to this innovative solution, a unique effect of a uniform, glass block crowned with an elegant black band has been obtained. GLOSSY sets perfectly match modern interiors and are a remarkable element of their decor. The covers of the sets contain modern LED lighting, which ensures the proper development of plants and the natural appearance of the interior of the tank. The set includes two energy-saving lighting modules, while two more can be offered to the buyer as additional accessories, which creates the possibility of effective combined sales. The use of these modules reduces the costs of aquarium lighting by 50% and eliminates the need for frequent replacement of fluorescent lamps. The back of the cover has special mounting holes. They allow free installation of any canister filter and other aquarium equipment. GLOSSY sets are ideal for setting up plant, biotope tanks and traditional social aquariums. They are offered in four sizes from 80 to 150 cm in length (capacity from 125 to 405 l). For each GLOSSY set you can buy a special black cabinet kept in the same style. The GLOSSY set together with the cabinet creates a compact, elegant block that dazzles with elegance. The kit includes a mat to protect the bottom of the aquarium.

SPECIFICATIONS: Aquael Glossy 100

  • Aquarium capacity [L] - 215L
  • Power [W] - 2 X 16
  • Dimensions [cm] (width x depth x height) - 100 X 40 X 63
  • Lighting - RETROFIT
  • Glass thickness [MM] - 8
  • Glass type - FLOAT
  • Lumens - 2 X 1650
  • Color temperature [K] - 6500
  • Energy class - A++


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