Ada Aqua Soil Amazonia 3L

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Amazonia is a specialized substrate formulated especially to encourage rich, luxuriant growth of aquatic plants by providing high levels of organic acid and nutrients to target and promote the growth of healthy root systems. Amazonia may be used very successfully by itself or, combined with Power Sand, to create an absolutely perfect substrate for outstanding plant growth.

  • Due to it being manufactured from natural soils, this product causes the water to become slightly acidic which, although perfect for most tropical fish and aquatic plants, will not suit species that require higher pH levels
  • A perfect soil to grow plants in aquariums containing shrimps
  • Due to the natural source of this soil, it may contain pebbles and plant debris which is natural and has no negative impact on the water parameters or quality
  • It is advisable not to wash or rinse the soil but use it directly from the bag. To avoid excessive clouding of the water, place it into the aquarium and cover with a plastic bag or similar material. Gently pour the water onto the plastic. This will ensure that the water does not wash the soil around the tank.
  • 3 Liters of Amazonia is recommended to cover an area of 30 x 20 cm. This will provide a substrate depth of between 3 to 4 cm  

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